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Seed Bank Catalogue, August 2015

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  1. Hi from Darwin, my name is Graeme, a 48 year old with the wide open eyes of a kid who laid his eyes on a fly catcher for the first time =)
    I have only dipped my toe into the ocean that is the vast array of these evolutionary and intriguing wonders.
    There doesn’t appear to be much variety of plants available retail up here, Nepenthes sp that are most likely Nth Qld and the staple ‘Venus Fly Trap’ from Bunnings…
    I was hoping to explore the different types that would be at home in Darwin’s climatic conditions, any recommendations to Genus and species suited, propagation from seed techniques and availability of this seed would be a great way to learn hands on and be able to share the success and the inevitable failures with my mini me daughter Aster =)
    Thanks for your time and hope to hear from someone when you get a spare moment.


  2. Hi Graeme

    For your area I think the best bet would be lowland Nepenthes (there are many species and hybrids available) and the Droseras species that do not require a winter dormancy. There will also be Utricularias which have traps that are submerged or underground. I wouldn’t recommend Sarracenias or Venus Flytraps as they would not thrive without a winter season.

    There are biosecurity restrictions in place that will affect your ability to acquire plants. Having said that, you should be able to order plants from a number of nurseries including:

    Triffid Park, where plants are on sale all year round:

    or Exotica Plants, whose online catalogue becomes available sporadically:

    and a other specialist nurseries elsewhere in Australia.

    I’m not familiar with the regulations regarding seed purchases.

    With your permission I’ll copy your post to a new Open Thread some time this weekend, where I hope fellow Society members will be able to provide more information and recommendations.

    The most current seed lists are in each month’s newsletter, which you can download from the main page.


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