Carniflora News, June 2016

Full download:  Carniflora News, June 2016 (PDF)


January – June 2016 meetings to be held at the BURWOOD COMMUNITY HUB

Renovations of the Woodstock Community Centre have started. Meetings for September, October and November will be held at the RALSTON ROOM, Burwood Library and Community Hub, 2 Conder Street, Burwood (3 blocks West of Burwood Station: on the corner of Railway Parade and Conder Street). Details of this venue are available at

The Burwood library closes at 7.30 p.m. After this time you will need to phone through so that someone in the meeting will come down and let you in via the door that faces Hornsey Street.

If you are running late and can’t get access to the Community Hub, you can
contact Kirk for entry on 0421 271 888.

The March 2016 edition of Carniflora Australis is out now. Members will be authorised to access electronic editions of the journal via an emailed password and link to our Blog site. If you have not received the password, and your a financial member for 2016, please email the Secretary.

The September 2016 edition is currently under construction. Submission of articles and photographs for inclusion in Carniflora Australis is welcome. Articles on your collection, growing set-up, cultivation guides, discoveries of plants in nature, CP exploration trips and photographs of trips make great reading. Please send text and photographs as separate files to

For a few months now Chinese sellers have been selling Carnivorous Plant seed on eBay for low prices. Most often Dionaea and Drosera seed is listed for $1.00 from sellers in China and Hong Kong. These sellers are fraudulent in their activities with purchased seed being anything but the seed selected.

The Australasian Carnivorous Plant Society is currently selling seed on eBay Australia. Our seed comes from our members and friends and is guaranteed to be authentic and legitimately collected.

The AUSCPS hosted a stall at the Koi Pet and Garden Show on Sunday the 15th May 2016 at the Fairfield Showground. The society has participated at this show for a number of years, with significant interest and plant sales. The stall promoted the society and allow members to sell Carnivorous Plants. $635 worth of plants were sold, generating over $100 for the society. Thank you to those who sold plants and assisted in the set-up, presentation and promotion of carnivorous plants and the society.

The AUSCPS A.G.M. will now be held on Friday the 8th of July. This meeting will be a great chance to hear about the transformation of the society over the past 16 months and share in the future direction and plan for the future.

The May meeting was well attended with 15 members and visitors in attendance, including the attendance by two of the Society’s founding members. David Colbourn presented a talk on the cultivation of pygmy Drosera.

Discussion was held on the financial results of the Collectors’ Plant Fair and the Koi Society of Australia Koi Pet and Garden Show. The society held a stall at both of these fairs to promote Carnivorous Plants and the society.

The Society’s postal box will remain at Kingsway West for the time being with an aim of locating it near our meeting place of Burwood. Keep a look out for this new address in the coming months.

Our next meeting will be held on Friday the 10th of June 2016 in the Ralston Room at the Burwood Community Hub. The plant theme for this month is Catopsis and Brocchinia.

Bring along your plants for show and your excess plants for sale. Other genera are welcome.

Plant sales are reserved for financial members only with 10% of sales from meetings returned to the society. Sales from other events may have a higher percentage. This levy helps finance the meeting rooms and stalls held by the society.

be produced now. Plants also colour up nicely with the cold nights.


Plants will now be entering dormancy if grown outside. Aldrovanda survive the Winter chills by producing a turion, which either floats on the water surface or sinks to the bottom of the pond. Keep an eye on them so they don’t get washed away or eaten by birds and animals.

Brocchinia / Catopsis
Maintain high light levels and humidity. Pups will be produced and may be divided when mature enough.

Byblis gigantea and lamellata will be in active growth. Keep the soil moist to wet.
The northern species of Byblis should be nearing dormancy if grown outside. Harvest and store the seed.

Keep the soil moist and cool. Winter leaves should be produced now. Plants also colour up nicely with the cold nights.

Darlingtonia is now dormant. Keep moist and cold as long as possible to ensure a full dormancy is achieved.

All VFTs will slow their growth and begin to enter dormancy. Sow seed onto your preferred medium. Seed will germinate in Spring.

Tuberous Drosera are now in active growth. Keep the pots moist.
Pygmy Drosera will begin to transform from gemmae production to leaf production. Keep plants moist to wet in full sun.
Other Winter growing species such as D. ramentacea, cistiflora and pauciflora will be in full growth. Keep the pots moist to wet.
Tropical and sub-tropical species need to be kept warm to keep them alive. Species such as D. burmannii will begin to die. Harvest the seed and sow in Spring.
Petiolaris-complex species may need artificial heating to keep them alive. Keep the pots dry if you want them to enter dormancy.
Temperate Drosera such as D. filiformis, D. intermedia and D. rotundifolia are now dormant. Keep cold and moist.

Drosophyllum will be in active growth. As temperatures begin to cool, watering may be
reduced. Stratify and soak seed now. Germination may be from 2-8 weeks.

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