Carniflora News, May 2016

Full download:  Carniflora News, May 2016 (PDF)

January – May 2016 meetings to be held at the BURWOOD COMMUNITY HUB

Renovations of the Woodstock Community Centre have started. Meetings for September, October and November will be held at the RALSTON ROOM, Burwood Library and Community Hub, 2 Conder Street, Burwood (3 blocks West of Burwood Station: on the corner of Railway Parade and Conder Street). Details of this venue are available at

The Burwood library closes at 7.30 p.m. After this time you will need to phone through so that someone in the meeting will come down and let you in via the door that faces Hornsey Street.

If you are running late and can’t get access to the Community Hub, you can
contact Kirk for entry on 0421 271 888.

The following topics are covered in this month’s Newsletter:

Upcoming events in May:

13th May 2016
AUSCPS Meeting
Plant theme – Pygmy Drosera

15th May 2016
The Koi Pet & Garden Show
Fairfield Show Ground

The March 2016 edition of Carniflora Australis is out now. Members will be authorised to access electronic editions of the journal. Printed editions will be mailed out to members who selected that option.

The journal features new Australian bred Sarracenia cultivars, an alternate potting media for Mexican Pinguicula, a C.P. exploration trip to South East Queensland and the first installment into an investigation of the Drosera cistiflora complex.

Thilo Krueger has published a series of YouTube videos documenting his recent trip to Australia in search of Carnivorous Plants. His trip took 146 days during which he travelled close to 18,000 kilometres and located over 170 species of Australian Carnivorous Plant species. His first video may be found here:

On Sunday the 27th March 2016 the Sydney Royal Flower and Garden Show held its judging of Carnivorous Plants at the Royal Easter Show.

The society manned a stall at the Collector’s Plant Fair on the 9-10th April. Once again the stall generated huge interest and plant sales for our members. We sold over $5,000 of plants which generated over $1,000 for the society. There was plenty of interest in the society with new and previous members joining the society. This fair is our biggest event and provides the society with our greatest exposure. It also assists our members to sell excess plants. If you are interested in selling plants at this fair, start planning now by sowing seed and taking cuttings of your favourite plants.

On the 23rd of April members of the Society attended the Royal National Park, near Sydney, and participated in a sanctioned physical removal of the introduced Drosera capensis.

The AUSCPS will be holding a stall at the Koi Pet and Garden Show on Sunday the 15th May 2016 at the Fairfield Showground.

The April meeting was well attended with 12 members and visitors in attendance. This month there was no ‘Plant of the Month’ competition. Instead members looked at the tissue cultured plants, and two Nepenthes ((Nepenthes truncata ‘Giant x N. alata ‘Giant’; and N. boschiana x (N. truncata x N. campanulata)), pictured to the right, grown by David Colbourn. David grows his plants in fibre pots in a mix of coir peat and Polystyrene.

(see the Newsletter for details)

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