Growing Dionaea muscipula from scape cuttings


Reconstituted dried sphagnum moss is used here. The scapes are still green after three months. The cultivar is ‘Big Mouth’.

Venus Flytraps (Dionaea muscipula) will often split themselves into two or more corms each growing season. These young corms will grow faster than seed-grown plants, but if natural divisions are still too slow for your liking you may wish to try scape cuttings.

Flower scapes come up in spring. When they are about 10cm to 20cm high, remove them from the main plant by pulling gently until they snap off. You may need to hold the plant down as you pull to prevent the whole thing from being uprooted.

Stick the scape vertically into living sphagnum moss or dried sphagnum moss which has been well-soaked. Wait for a few months. If the scapes don’t wither almost immediately, several plantlets will form around their base. Separate the plants out when they are old enough.

Some growers have reported success with scapes that have been cut off the plant with a scissors or razor blade.

Sphagnum moss peat with perlite may also work as a medium for scape cuttings but success is not guaranteed. Experiments are in progress.

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