Carniflora News, August 2015

Full download: Carniflora News August 2015 (PDF)


Renovations for Woodstock have been delayed until September. The June meeting will be held at  Woodstock Community Centre in the Group Room 1 as usual.

Theme plants for remaining meetings in 2015
The following theme plants have been selected for meetings for the rest of 2015:

August – Utricularia
September – Nepenthes
October – Pinguicula
November – Sarracenia

Members are encouraged to bring examples of theme plants to those meeting. They may be nice examples of such plants; plants of uncertain name for which help is sought with identification; or unhappy plants for which advice is sought on possible remedies of how to improve them. In short, one outcome of this idea is to help generate conversations about the plants that fascinate and captivate us. There will be a separate category for voting ‘Plant of the Month’ for theme plants.

You are welcome to bring in other types of plants too at these meetings too.

Summary of the July meeting
The July meeting had a good discussion on tuberous Drosera that started before David’s presentation began. There were some lovely plants on show and form sale and much talk was focused on the three large events happening later this year and also renovations at Woodstock.

The ‘Plant of the Month’ competition was a contest between a large selection of plants including: Drosera bulbosa subsp. bulbosa, D. bulbosa subsp. major, D. erythrorhiza subsp. squamosa, D. heterophylla, D. pauciflora, D. porrecta, D. rosulata ‘Giant Swamp Form’, Drosera zigzagia, Genlisea hispidula, Nepenthes hirsuta x spathulata, N. truncata x ?lowii, N. truncata x ??ventricosa, N. aristolochioides x ventricosa and N. truncata x ovata.

Nepenthes truncata x lowii pitcher - H Faradin

Nepenthes truncata x lowii pitcher – H Faradin

The winning plant was a stunning Nepenthes truncata hybrid that appeared to be N. truncata x lowii. Well done Hasan. The tuberous Drosera plant of the month was a pot with Drosera rupicola and D. erythrorhiza subsp. squamosa grown by Robert and Füzzy.

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