Carniflora News, July 2015

Full download: Carniflora News, July 2015 (PDF)


Renovations for Woodstock have been delayed until August. The June meeting will be held at  Woodstock Community Centre in the Group Room 1 as usual.

Summary of the June meeting
The June meeting developed organically after technical difficulties led to the postponement of the photo competition for a later meeting. The
general meeting included a discussion on how to print the currently missing issues of Carniflora Australis in the most cost-effective way.
The meeting ended with an impromptu talk by Greg Lvoff on his recent field trip to the SE of the USA to see Sarracenia in the wild. Thank you

Nepenthes lowii x jacquelineae

Nepenthes lowii x jacquelineae

The ‘Plant of the Month’ competition was a contest between a 3 year old seed-grown Heliamphora tatei plant, a pot of Drosera pauciflora with some plants in scape; D. marchantii subsp. prophylla in scape; Nepenthes lowii x jacquelineae, N. rowanae and N. maxima ‘dark’ x spectabilis. After a robust discussion the winner was N. rowanae grown by Raymond Chin.






Plant of the Month – Nepenthes rowanaeauscps-N-rowanae
Raymond grows his plant in a small terrarium under LED lights. The plant is grown in pure sphagnum moss. One unusual feature of this plant is that it has developed ruffled leaf margins.



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