Carniflora News, May 2015

Full download:  Carniflora News, May 2015 (PDF)


Summary of April Meeting
The April meeting was a social event that did not have any formal presentation. Instead it was an excellent opportunity to catch up with other enthusiasts to discuss plants and related matters. There were some interesting plants brought in for display and also for sale.
The general meeting of 12th June will include a photo exhibition. Please start putting aside copies of your best photos now for this event. Another desired outcome from this will be the selection of photos for the proposed calendar for 2016 that the Society plans to put together. So get out there and keep taking photos of these wonderful plants.

Nepenthes thorelii x maxima - David Colbourn

N. maxima x bicalcarata

The ‘Plant of the Month’ competition was a contest between a range of beautiful plants including Byblis liniflora, Drosera hookeri, D. intermedia, Nepenthes maxima x bicalcarata, N. thorelii x maxima, Pinguicula gypsicola, Sarracenia psittacina ‘Large Red’, Utricularia praelonga and U. uliginosa. The leading plants in the competition were N. maxima x bicalcarata and S. psittacina, with the Nepenthes taking top honours.

Well done David Colbourn for growing such a fascinating plant so well (see details on Page 3).




Plant of the Month – Nepenthes maxima x bicalcarata

David grows this plant in a fibre basket in a mix of coir peat, Styrofoam and a little sphagnum moss.
This plant is grown with his other highland Nepenthes where it receives bright light and regular misting.
This hybrid is vigorous and has a wide peristome and a pair of small ‘fangs’ at the base of the lid. It is an attractive hybrid that is well-grown.


Recent events

Sunday 5th April 2015 – Carnivorous Plant Competition at the Royal Easter Show, Sydney.
More plants were entered at this year’s Carnivorous Plant completion at the Royal Easter  Show in Sydney this year compared to last year. Many lovely plants were entered. The winners of each category are presented below:
Class 600: Venus Fly Trap – single plant in a pot not exceeding 200mm
1 Mr Owen O’Neil
2 Mr Owen O’Neil
3 Mr Greg Bourke
Class 601: Sundew – single plant in a pot not exceeding 200mm
1 Mr Greg Bourke
2 Mr Greg Bourke
3 Mr Owen O’Neil
Class 602: Nepenthes – single plant, minimum 3 pitchers, in a pot not exceeding 200mm
1 Mr Marc Barer
2 Ms Vicki Falconer
3 Mr Edmund Lau
Class 603: Nepenthes – single hybrid plant, minimum 3 pitchers, in a pot not exceeding 200mm
1 Mr Marc Barer
2 Mr Edmund Lau
3 Mr Edmund Lau
Class 604: Sarracenia – single plant, minimum 3 pitchers, in a pot not exceeding 200mm
1 Mr Owen O’Neil
2 Mr Greg Bourke
3 Mr Greg Bourke
Class 605: Sarracenia – single hybrid plant, minimum 3 pitchers, in a pot not exceeding 200mm
1 Mr Owen O’Neil
2 Mr Owen O’Neil
3 Mr Owen O’Neil
Mr Owen O’Neill – Sarracenia hybrid

Easter show competition - Owen ONeil 2bEaster show competition - Owen ONeil 5b


11th-12th April, 2015 Collectors’ Plant Fair, Clarendon
Jeff Drudge with Sarracenia at AusCPS stallThis year Greg Bourke, Marina Chong, David Colbourn, Laurie Dorfer, Gordon & Lynn Hanna, Philippe Reyter, and Richard Sullivan sold plants at the stall that the Society had booked. Jeff Drudge, Robert Gibson and Kirk Hirsch provided assistance at the stall on the Saturday – which was by far the busiest of the two days. A larger variety of plants was available for sale this year and the Society received $1,255.40 in commissions from sales. Marina and Lyn did an amazing job running the stall, particularly during the hectic Saturday morning.

Sarracenia x mitchelliana

It would be excellent to see more members bring plants to sell and future Collectors’ Plant Fairs. There was much interest from visitors to the stall for things that were a little different to add to their collections.

As always, participation in this event provided hints for things to try or to do differently next time.

Thank you everyone who helped make this event such a success.

 Lyn Hanna in the AusCPS stallSarracenia at AusCPS stall

Sarracenia leucophylla 'wide mouth'

Sarracenia leucophylla ‘wide mouth’


Darlingtonia californica










In the Greenhouse
Easter storms and heavy rain – help cool the soil down, top up rainwater supplies and wake winter-growing sundews. Unfortunately one storm came with an abundance of pea-sized hail that damaged some plants – tearing holes in Sarracenia pitchers, detaching some Drosera leaves, killing the growing point of some erect-growing tuberous Drosera, and bruising many leaves. Thankfully all plants will survive, and new leaves will be produced to replace those now looking tattered.

Hail storm damage aside, Sarracenia leucophylla and its hybrids and S. rubra subspecies in particular are looking wonderful in the early autumn. Now is the time when Sarracenia seed is starting to be shed so be vigilant, or ideally place bags or light mesh over fruit, or harvest ripe an drying capsules in order to collect seed. Please consider donating surplus seed to the seed bank.

Nepenthes alata 'Mt Data' with ripe seeds

Nepenthes alata ‘Mt Data’ with ripe seeds

Nepenthes seed capsules have ripened in recent weeks. Nepenthes flowers open sequentially but ripe fruit appear to open simultaneously and seed will blow away in moderate winds, or be washed away under heavy rain (and I have found all this out the hard way). Thus it is best to bag or detach brown but not open fruit in order to maximize the collection of available seed.

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