Carniflora News, January 2015

Full download: Carniflora News, January 2015 (PDF)


Plants With Bite Carnivorous Plant Fair, 6th to 14th December 2014, Blue Mountains Botanic Gardens, Bells Line of Road, via Bilpin, Mount Tomah.

n-ephippiata dionaea-red-piranha n.maxima_x_merrelliana

A big thank you to the volunteers who helped make the ‘Plants With Bite’ Fair such a great success, particularly Lyn and Gordon Hanna, Marina Chong, Greg Bourke and Kirk ‘Füzzy’ Hirsch. Thanks also to staff from the Botanic Gardens who helped with advice and plant sales on the week days of the fair.

Thanks also to an anonymous person who donated some plants.

Plants provided for sale included a range of Sarracenia and Nepenthes species and hybrids, Venus Flytraps, Drosera spp., Utricularia longifolia and bags of live
sphagnum moss.

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